Adopt A Cop

Adopt A Cop

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The required data requested below (designated with an *) is necessary to verify your registration. Only your First Initial, Last Initial, Agency and City will be posted online (eg. Officer R S, County Sheriff, San Jose, CA) to provide “Adopters” with a name for their prayers. No other information will be shared. Other than a computer-generated confirmation email, you will receive no other communication from us unless you first email us at .

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Please enter the police station, city or neighborhood where you serve.

The Situation

We live in an imperfect world whose imperfections are far too evident.

We want to change that by making a difference in the lives of law enforcement officials like you who put your lives on the line for us everyday.

While a bulletproof vest gives a level of physical protection and peace to you, we know there is a greater shield of protection and peace that is uniquely provided by prayer.

Adopt A Cop is enlisting people of faith – a person, a family, a congregation or group – to pray daily for the law enforcement officials of our city, county and state to build a continuous shield of prayer, gratitude and honor around them.

We are asking the following from them on your behalf:

daily for you wherever you are
"Thank You" to officers everywhere
you as a lifestyle
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