Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you sign up to Adopt Your Street?

    Follow these simple instructions:

    To start, simply go to Transform Our and click on the "Adopt Your Street" icon and follow the trail. You will be able to:

    1. Plot the street you wish to "adopt".
      It could be yours, or one you choose to make "yours" – the one in your neighborhood, at your school, at your place of work – or all of them! Involve each member of the family in the process!
    2. See your "dot" on the map, and see the "dots" of the others who are praying nearby you.
      Join a Prayer Initiative in your area. Use the drop-down menu to select the initiative that serves the street you have adopted.
    3. Start a Prayer Initiative.
      If you do not find one that serves your "adoption", click on the "Request an Initiative" option in the drop-down menu and follow the instructions. We'll help you get started.
    4. Comment on your adopted street.
      Who are you praying about? What are you asking God for? What changes are taking place?
    5. Communicate with each other.
      "Follow" others' comments and let them "follow" yours.
    6. Expand your options.
      Once you complete the Adopt Your Street registration process, you will have your own Transform Our World profile. From your Profile Page, you can expand your involvement and manage your preferences – anytime you want.

  • How can I upload a bulk list of adoptions for a large group?

    Group administrators can upload a list of street adoptions with just a few button clicks. This is very effective for mobilizing and tracking street adoptions. Using this method, people gathered in a meeting can adopt their streets by using the Adopt Your Street Sign Up Form or by filling out a downloadable Sign Up Spreadsheet.

    They simply provide the street address that they are adopting, their name and their email address. The group administrator then uploads the spread sheet, and the street adoptions are imported. Any number of adoptions can be entered at the same time. It is a convenient and very effective tool to help mobilize street adoptions.

    Once street adoptions are imported, each adopter will receive an email reminding them of their commitment. The email will also provide them instructions on how to log into the site.

    To familiarize yourself with the adoption import process, log in as the group administrator and go to your group's page. The "Import Adoptions" link is located under the "EDIT" menu in the right hand column. It will look like this:

    import adoptions link

    This page has instructions and a street adoption spread sheet template. A form is also available for download that can be printed and distributed for people to fill out.

  • How can a administrator of a Prayer Initiative access / download a list of the participants?

    Log in as the group administrator and go to your group's page.

    The followers can be viewed using the "Followers List" link on the group details page.

    followers list link

    On the followers page, the list can be exported as a CSV file.

    export followers link

    The list of adoptions can also be exported using the "Export Adoptions List" link on the group details page.

    download adoptions link

  • What if someone doesn't have internet access? How can their street adoption be posted to Transform Our World?

    There are many amazing prayer warriors who do not have internet access. This often occurs with a congregation or large group. Here are two solutions:

    1. Include them in an existing “Prayer Initiative” or create one that you administrate using the Adopt Your Sheet Bulk Import Template. See the FAQ titled How can I upload a bulk list of adoptions for a large group?
    2. If it is a friend rather than a group, consider opening a Gmail or other email account on their behalf for the purpose of registering their Adoption on the TransformOurWorld map.

  • What if I cannot locate my street on the map?

    Some streets are not yet registered with Google maps.

    If that is the case with your street, please enter your city name with your country, then zoom in and move the pin to your desired location.

  • I need additional support or I have a suggestion for you.

    Contact us at: .

    Provide as complete a description of your problem / suggestion as possible.

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